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January 22, 2015 3:55:09 PM
Although at the moment it is not yet clear why during the last few hours Amazon has brought to market the Kindle DX , the maxi version of the much loved eBook reader introduced in mid-2009 and disappeared from the popular e-commerce platform in October of 2012. Of course, it has happened on several occasions...
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Amazon Kindle DX eBook Reader Comparison
Amazon Kindle DX eBook Reader Comparison http://www.wireless-reading-device.net/Store/amazon-kindle-dx The Amazon Kindle DX eReader display is bigger than the original Amazon Kindle and holds up to 3,500 books instead of only 1,500 books. Price is $489 vs $259. You can get it at a reduced price is you buy the Kindle DX used here: http://www.wireless-reading-device.net/amazon-kindle-dx/kindle-dx-used PT2M41S
Amazon Kindle DX Graphite Video Review
Amazon Kindle DX Graphite Video Review A video review of the Amazon Kindle DX Graphite ebook reader. This is Amazon's newest 9.7" ereader and it features new screen technology that increases contrast by 50%. The Kindle DX Graphite has free 3G that you can use to download books and surf web sites, built-in storage for up to 3,500 books and text-to-speech. The Kindle works with Amazon ebooks and PDF files but it does not work with ePub ebooks. PT10M55S
Kindle DX the New Kindle eBook Reader from Amazon-A Review
Kindle DX the New Kindle eBook Reader from Amazon-A Review http://www.coolkindlereader.info Amazon.com came out with a new Kindle eBook Reader named Kindle DX. Kindle DX is a wireless eBook reader. It is 9.7 long compared to 6 Kindle 2. The display is based on latest e-ink technology supporting sixteen shades of grey. Reading is easy with the Best eBook Reader, indoors or outdoors in bright light. It is ideal for reading newspapers, magazines and textbooks. The display is sharp and crisp and is ideal for rich graphic images, maps, drawings. It is light weight (18.9) ounces and with 4 GB of internal flash memory can hold up to 350000 books and magazines from Amazon Kindle Store that carries the largest collection for eBook readers. Cool Amazon Kindle DX has built in 3G wireless connectivity via whispernet that can get you connected any time anywhere in US without needing to find wi fi spots and there are no wi fi charges to pay. The new cool Kindle DX supports built in PDF Reader unlike Kindle 2 and can carry all personal and professional PDF documents on the go. Kindle DX does not use back light and with its improved battery can run for days on a single charge. The sleek but bigger Amazon Kindle DX is pricier than the smaller Kindle 2 and still does not have an additional external flash memory slot. In spite of these, we think that for all its features and benefits of advanced technology cool Kindle DX is the Best EBook Reading Device out there and the price is quite justified especially if you are a professional on the go. For more information and purchase go to http://www.coolkindlereader.info This Review was brought to you by http://smallbizwebmarketingsolutions.com/ . PT1M40S

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