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E-book Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G


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Amazon Kindle 3 3G + Wifi with keyboard E-Reader Review - Why its a great buy ! 2014
Amazon Kindle 3 3G + Wifi with keyboard E-Reader Review - Why its a great buy ! 2014 This is a review of a Amazon Kindle 3 which is a 3rd generation kindle with keyboard. This E-Reader is a older version of kindle that was release in 2010. I am not a fan of a single use devices as this kindle is, but because its a older model and in my opinion functions almost as good as newer modes and the price is just right. This kindle 3 can be yours for as little as $30-$60 for a used one on EBay as it is no longer available New from Amazon. Because it can store up to 3,500 e-Book, that should be plenty to support your life time reading. I would not buy it just because its a single use tablet, but for those that like reading books allot it would make a great E-Reader. PT5M1S
Kindle Keyboard 3G Review
Kindle Keyboard 3G Review http://amzn.to/swZRKs http://amzn.to/wzf3bR I love books. I love to read. At any time I am typically reading at least three books. One fiction, one that has to do with my profession, and one that I am reading for personal growth. A lot of times, I also take notes on the books that I am reading. As I also travel a lot, and sometimes just like to have a book with me to read when I go out on a hike or to the park, regular books can cause things to get a little bit heavy. And this is where my Kindle comes in. Since getting this outstanding piece of equipment, I've read more books in the last year then I did in the two to three before it combined! The reason, I can carry as many books as I can store, which is some ridiculous number like 3500, in just this one light weight tablet. So what is it and what is it not: It is not a tablet computer like the iPad. You can access the internet but it will have the liquid paper background. And you can't buy apps for it and play a ton of really cool games. It does have games, but they are more like the ones that come with your standard PC then something you are going to buy through the app store. What it is, is an ereader. It's about the size of a normal book but much thinner, and it can store somewhere around 3500 books in it's memory. And even if you manage to run out of room on the kindle, you can just put the books onto your computer so that you can load them back in later if you want to read them again. One advantage that I feel that it has over a Tablet Computer is the liquid paper. Have you ever used your computer or tablet for hours and felt like your eyes were swollen, and full of blood and just painful? That's because all those things are backlit. The screen on the kindle is not. It's a strange technology that I can't even pretend to understand, all I know is that I've read this thing for hours and my eyes don't hurt at all. Another advantage that it has over the standard tablet, is that the wifi + 3G version doesn't just work with just one carrier. I've quite literally taken mine all over the world and it works everywhere. Most recently I was using it in Jordan. Worked perfectly, I was still able to down load books whenever I wanted to. Another advantage is Amazons book library, it's HUGE! There are as of January 11th 2012, 1,179,561 books available for the Kindle. And they are always adding more, so I don't think you are going to run out anytime soon. I mentioned earlier that I take a lot of notes while I read. I turn around and use these when I blog, when I teach, etc. With the kindle, that's just a matter of clicking on the passages from the books that I want, and it ends up in the area called "My Clippings". So highlighting passages and taking notes doesn't even take much effort. One more feature, for those that may be visually impaired, you can change the print size on this! So if you need large print books, you have every book that you could ever want to read right there with the print as large as you need it. Lastly, lets talk about battery life. Now I don't know how long the battery on an iPad lasts, because I don't have one. But I do know that I typically only have to charge my Kindle once or twice a month. And remember, I read a lot! On a slow day I read for at least an hour, so that should give you an indication of how long the battery on this thing will last. So obviously I'm a fan of this thing. I wouldn't be giving it a good review if I wasn't right? If you love to read, or you are a casual reader that travels a lot, a Kindle would be a great idea for you. It's small, it's light weight, it's durable (I've taken mine to the field), the battery lasts forever, and it won't burn up your eyes. So if you liked my review, or if I just peaked your interest a little bit, click on the link below and check it out for yourself. Until next time- Erik http://amzn.to/swZRKs http://amzn.to/wzf3bR PT14M42S
New Amazon Kindle vs Kindle Keyboard 3G Comparison and Review
New Amazon Kindle vs Kindle Keyboard 3G Comparison and Review We take a look at the new Amazon Kindle eReader and compare the smaller, lighter and faster Kindle to its 3G Keyboard Kindle successor. Battle of the eBook readers. For more news, hints, tips and help for your gadgets visit http://www.GadgetHelpline.com PT5M17S

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