E-book Archos 70b eReader

E-book Archos 70b eReader


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January 27, 2015 3:42:33 PM
Archos 70b eReader review Both tablets and black-and-white e-readers are selling like hot cakes. With the 70b, Archos has tried to combine the two - it's an Android slate with a resistive colour touchscreen, so it's also ideal for watching movies. Like many Archos devices, the 70b has a handicapped version of Android...
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archos 70B ereader
archos 70B ereader this video show the archos 70B ereader as many people like me are looking for info about this "cheap" hybrid color ereader. PS: I didn t talk or edit music vids on the video so you can listen your music instead of blank =) I finally bought one for " fun" (wanted an ebook with color) and now messing around to see what can I do and more. Since every time I was looking for something I found random peoples over the web making reviews , videos .. posting infos on forum that help me a lot in my research, I wanted to share this one Enjoy ! so far: - temp root with z4root - home swither installed + zeam - slide me market - few apps side loaded and showed as working (opera mini , news republic, youtube, titanium backup, adobe reader 10.0 , gtab similock, google traduction ....) As you can see its a little more than a simple ebook reader =) so its does a decent job and its fast for a low cost device as you can see PT11M22S
Archos 101 - Ebook reader
Archos 101 - Ebook reader video description PT3M24S
Ebook reading on the Archos Android Tablet
Ebook reading on the Archos Android Tablet http://www.umpcportal.com/tag/archos demo's two ebook reading solutions on the Archos 5 Internet Tablet FBreader and Aldiko. Since this video was made, ereader.com software has become available. PT10M59S

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