E-book Ergo Book 0603

E-book Ergo Book 0603


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электронная бумага E Ink


ERGO BOOK 0604R - читалка и не только
ERGO BOOK 0604R - читалка и не только Обзор ERGOBOOK 0604R как есть. http://vk.com/prostodroid наша группа для обсуждений! PT8M3S
CT-200-3(8066-1) illuminated magnifier (3х)
CT-200-3(8066-1) illuminated magnifier (3х) CT-200-3(8066-1) illuminated magnifier (3х) Multi-purpose desktop illuminated magnifier CT-200-3 is necessary both at home and at work. It includes in its design a magnifier and illumination of the workplace by the circular fluorescent lamp magnifier with a 3-fold magnification. Illuminated magnifier CT-200-3 has a flexible mount that allows you to orient conveniently the magnifier lamp and the flow of light in the right direction and at the correct height. The fluorescent lamp has an electronic start-control circuit, accelerating the launch and extending the lamp life. The illumination also provides the light comfortable to the human eye, without blinking. The service life of the lamp is 5000 hours. This is an indispensable instrument for comfortable soft lighting, as well as for reading the fine print and working with various small objects. For example, it is indispensable for soldering SMD components. Features of this magnifier: 1. The backlight powering is provided from the 220V network 2. Convenient regulation of the magnifier's position. 3. Electronic starter-controlled device. 4. Economic power energy consumption. 5. High quality optical glass. 6. 3-fold magnification 7. Ergonomic design. PT1M40S

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