E-book teXet TB-136

E-book teXet TB-136


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teXet TB-136 Reader Specifications - SLIDE ONLY
teXet TB-136 Reader Specifications - SLIDE ONLY Please note - this video contains only a SLIDE with relevant information Purpose of this video content is to provide information about particular product to the general public. I believe that all content including any images were fairly used. However, if you do believe that I did violated your intellectual property rights or you have other type of complaint or comments please contact me immediately to solve any issues via email - oscar50channel@gmail.com Information is correct at the time when video was taken which means it could vary from time to time. I do take reasonable care to provide you with as much accurate information as possible but sometimes things can go wrong. If you find anything which you believe is not right please let me know and I will correct it. Please note that I cannot take any responsibility for any innacurate information on this video. Specifications or/and Info: 6 Inch Screen 800x600 (Colourless) You can save bookmarks, Paragraph Interval Change Scale, Font Type, Change Margins Supports: TXT (ANSI/Unicode/UTF-8), PDF, EPUB, PDB, FB2, HTML, RTF, MOBI and JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG Dimensions - 167х123х10, 4Gb Memory (microSD Support) Weights 225g. Price 3600 RUB (115 USD) PT1M26S
teXet TB-436 - распаковка, первое включение
teXet TB-436 - распаковка, первое включение Приложение к "Первому взгляду": http://bit.ly/SXzAek Распаковка и первое включение самой маленькой в мире читалки с e-Ink экраном диагональю всего 4.3 дюйма PT6M26S
Электронная книга teXet TB-138 4Gb
Электронная книга teXet TB-138 4Gb Подробнее на http://www.mvideo.ru/products/30017938?reff=youtube_texetTB138 teXet представляет первую на российском рынке 8-дюймовую электронную книгу с E-Ink дисплеем. Кроме удобного для чтения экрана, новинка располагает модулем WiFi, отвечающим за выход в Интернет. PT3M35S

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