Tablet HP TouchPad

Tablet HP TouchPad


The sales start
Feb 2011
Number of CPU cores
CPU frequency
Qualcomm APQ8060 Snapdragon
Adreno 220
Screen type
LED-backlit LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size (inches)
["802.11 a","802.11 b","802.11 g","802.11 n"]
v2.1, A2DP, EDR
GPS navigation
Battery capacity
6300 mAh
Non-removable Li-Ion
Talk time
Sensors and probes


January 24, 2015 5:11:07 PM
Top Best: Samsung Galaxy Note, Droid RAZR/MAXX Updates, Asus Transformer Double, VZW Ends Deal, HTC EVO 4G LTE, Nexus, iPhone & HP TouchPad Most Read Top Wireless and Mobile News Stories this Week in Review: This week has been a great week for changes for WiMo News, endings, beginnings, "phun", updates, teasers, sales, deals, new iPhone carriers and our old friend the ImmortaPad.  We thought we were seeing double, because double is in two...
January 16, 2015 9:25:55 PM
Check this out. The HP TouchPad found at the Sandisk booth at Computex 2011 in Taiwan. This is the first time the TouchPad is seen so close in the wild like this. The video shows a very slick looking WebOS optimised for tablet use but we don’t see anything unique about the TouchPad compared to what the...
February 3, 2015 2:38:24 AM
MWC 2011: HP TouchPad Hands on Demo Available Here; First webOS 3.0 Impressions (Video) MWC 2011 might have ended, but the hype surrounding some devices present at the show isn’t gone! We were there on the floor of the conference in Barcelona, touching and testing many tablets, but there was only webOS 3.0 device. HP TouchPad is the fruit of the cooperation between Palm and HP and it’s...
February 3, 2015 3:25:38 PM
HP TouchPad Receives Tasty Lollipop 5.0.2 Via Unofficial CyanogenMod 12 Nightlies There are two devices that refuse to toe the line when it comes to unofficial software updates; two devices that were released running software other than Android but have had Google’s operating system ported to them and still receive regular updates from a cache of loyal, hardworking software engineers....
January 27, 2015 7:47:01 PM
If you want to edit office documents on your HP TouchPad at launch, you may well have to wait. According to an anonymous tip-off given to WebOS aficionado PreCentral, HP's slate tablet won't include any form of office software. HP has said it's been 'working with Quickoffice to include the Quickoffice...
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January 27, 2015 3:07:14 AM
If we're brutally honest with ourselves, we can do without tablets. The iPad, although magical as its sequence shortened adverts suggests, ends up being an expensive games console, a poor way to browse the web or a tool that makes typing take a lot longer. You could argue it's more portable than a laptop...
January 28, 2015 7:12:49 AM
In the run up to the annual Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, smartphone and tablet companies are trying to outdo each other by announcing major news ever earlier. The proverbial stuffing really did hit the fan this week. Nokia mortgages its smartphone future to Microsoft The big news this...
January 28, 2015 10:57:41 AM
HP TouchPad review It’s been a long wait, but HP has finally launched a proper tablet - the TouchPad. Unlike the Slate 500 which runs Windows 7, the TouchPad uses a tablet-optimised version of webOS, as first seen on the Palm Pre. We've covered webOS before in our reviews of both the original Palm Pre and the Palm Pre...
February 10, 2015 6:13:18 PM
HP TouchPad gets Android Jelly Bean via CM10 Preview Release If you were lucky enough to get an HP TouchPad this time last year during their “fire sale” for $99 (16GB) or the $149 (32GB) your Android luck hasn’t run out yet. Remember, Android first came to the HP TouchPad via CM7, Gingerbread. A few months later, Android 4.0 came to the HP TouchPad, bringing a...
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January 30, 2015 9:54:25 AM
The CyanogenMod team showed off a near-complete version of Ice Cream Sandwich for the HP TouchPad earlier this week, and now you can try it out on your own hardware. CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 is ready to download and install via RootzWiki (currently experiencing uptime issues), though at this point it's...
January 30, 2015 9:54:39 AM
Though it's almost impossible to find an HP TouchPad at this point (at a reasonable price, anyway) the Android mod community is still rolling full steam ahead on the abandoned platform. Though the MIUI version of Android isn't as far along as CyanogenMod 7 for the TouchPad, it's reached the beta stage...
February 10, 2015 6:13:26 PM
How to Install Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich on the HP TouchPad Just when you thought that the HP TouchPad would be dead after it lost webOS support from HP, think again. Developers from the Android community have already taken the device for a full spin with reports showing signs of success running the CyanogenMod 7 ROM based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Advertisement Now,...
February 10, 2015 6:13:25 PM
The HP TouchPad has traveled around the wheel of fate. It was an infamous webOS tablet that turned into one of the most sought-after tablets after Android developers were able to tear it apart and installed Android in its system. With an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM already available for this device, it will...
February 10, 2015 6:13:22 PM
Install CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0.6 ICS on HP TouchPad Even the HP Touchpad gets a dose of Ice Cream Sandwich, thanks to CyanogenMod 9. Though still in the Alpha stage, an updated release, Alpha 0.6, includes a number of stability and user interface additions, such as: Advertisement Touchscreen fixes. Ability to hide the combined bar (navigation...
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HP TouchPad Review
HP TouchPad Review HP TouchPad Review Full Review of the HP TouchPad. For more tech reviews and news, check us out at: Follow Us on Twitter: Like Us on Facebook: I've gotten to spend some time with the TouchPad now, so it's time to see if this is the savior for webOS that we think it might be. The first thing you'll notice is that this device picks up fingerprints like nothing else out there. While most tablets let you easily wipe them away, this one makes you scrub with a good bit of effort to get the screen clean again. Not a huge thing, but annoying. Check out the full video above for all of my thoughts on the HP TouchPad and whether or not it's a good value for the money considering it's in the same price point range as the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Then leave your comments below and let us know what you think of the HP TouchPad. The device that HP and webOS needed, or just another tablet on the heap of so many others? PT13M17S
HP TouchPad Tablet Wi-Fi 32GB 16GB 9.7-Inch WebOS
HP TouchPad Tablet Wi-Fi 32GB 16GB 9.7-Inch WebOS Check price or read more reviews from Amazon Buyer at: PT6M40S
HP TouchPad Review
HP TouchPad Review A video review of the HP TouchPad webOS tablet. Check out our in-depth written review at: PT30M42S

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